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How to Reach the core of Ecstasy

Is it possible to expand the limits of pleasure and achieve more than one orgasm at each sexual performance? Here we reveal the golden rules to get to know the secrets of male and female multiorgasmy

By Mabel Iam

Multiple Orgasms: Delight Multiplied

Sexual excitement may be induced by several factors: involuntarily, as a result of sexual fantasies or images, or by direct stimulation through physical contact.
The first sign that shows up in the body when a person gets excited is the rapid concentration of blood on the surface of the body.

The power of the blood accumulates in the erogenous zones—the penis, the clitoris and the vagina. This causes in man the erection of the penis and in the woman vaginal lubrication.

To attain total pleasure, the partners must initiate the relation consciously. When the man receives a sexual stimulus, his body releases a substance that causes the relaxation and subsequent erection of his penis.

He must learn to keep up a state of relaxation in order not to get to the point of ejaculation. The woman develops a better orgasmic quality when the man succeeds in maintaining the erection for a longer time.

The Straight Path to Multiple Orgasms

In order to multiply satisfaction, the first step is to concentrate on the whole body and start to relax in order to generate a perfect chemistry. With practice, both lovers will be able to feel how each part of their bodies has a different sensitivity, and will discover that there is no area that can't intensely enjoy the contact with the other.

When the skin is stimulated by caresses, massages or kisses, the body vibrates as a whole like a single erogenous space—this is the principle that is going to enrich the erotic experience. What is important is to know that with technique and the necessary knowledge of the body, men and women can achieve multiorgasmic experiences.

Different Forms of Pleasure

The mechanism of the orgasm can be explained as an explosive release of sexual energy. This explosion causes a muscular contraction throughout the body and its subsequent relaxation. The time frequency of muscular contractions in both sexes is tenths of second.

The Single Orgasm

It consists of a physiological sexual discharge which causes pleasure at that exact moment. In both sexes it can be induced through masturbation techniques, without the need for a partner. It lasts between two and ten seconds.

Multiple Orgasms

This state of pleasure is generated on the basis of a relationship in which the partners perform an appropriate stimulation of their bodies. The experience of each bodily contraction is multiplied, with two to ten minutes rest for men. In women they can be more continuous, with different intensity and regularity.

Orgasmic Chain Reaction

This is a sequence of continuous orgasms to the point that they become one single long orgasm, consisting of six to twelve orgasms non-stop. In this case, man ejaculates only during the last period of orgasmic contractions. In the woman, once she starts, the release of pleasure won't stop.

When the woman controls the orgasmic chain reaction, the moment in which the erotic session ends depends on her wishes. Orgasmic control will depend on psychological and emotional aspects, provided the woman has been able to achieve this maximum stage of utmost pleasure.

Refractory Period

This is the resting period ensuing after an orgasm—it is the time needed by the body to recover after the orgasmic discharge and to be able to become excited again. In the case of women, this phase can last between one and ten minutes, depending on the lover's suitable stimulation. In men, the refractory stage lasts longer, between fourteen to twenty minutes, depending on the appropriate motivation by their mates.

The refractory period will also depend on the age of the lovers, how much they have practiced and the experiences they have had together.

Sexual pleasure is unlimited when the mind is liberated through the true knowledge of all our sexual power.

About the Author:

Mabel Iam is author of Sex and the Perfect lover
[email protected]

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